Tenola & Nessa

Tenola is an Airforce Veteran and started our Puppy Program with Nessa in 2016.

Service connected disabilities include several knee surgeries , and she had back surgery with spinal cord stimulator  just to give her the ability to bend and walk, this all added up to major depression. The doctors advised her to get a service dog to retrieve, alert, and help with household chores.  We all laugh about the fact that she ended up with a dog that loves to go shopping and carry bags, and loves to do the laundry.


To tell Tenola’s story about her life since she has had Nessa, she said that her life has changed dramatically. First of all she loves Nessa just as if she is her own daughter.  She said that life with Nessa has been fun and has made her get out of bed and out of the house. That led her to meet her now husband and she has a human daughter on the way March 2019!

A few of the task that Nessa helps with is picking up items asked for, carrying bags, doing the laundry, alerts her to restless leg syndrome, she wakes her from nightmares, she is right by her side everywhere they go and makes sure her mom is taken care of.


Months Together